Cranes are among the most critical pieces of equipment used on construction sites. Alaska’s oldest crane company, North Star Equipment Services, understands that Alaska’s unique terrain and climate presents challenges for construction companies and projects. That is why we offer a large selection of high-quality Manitowoc and Grove cranes with the finest operators in Alaska, making our crane services safe and efficient.

Here are several Alaskan hazards that their crane operators can handle safely, efficiently and effectively:

  • Below-Freezing Temperatures: Construction projects are often on strict budgets with deadlines, even during the cold Alaskan winter weather. The crane and operators constantly work in below-freezing temperatures with blowing snow. North Star Equipment Services cranes are featured with cold climate packages, including, generators, tank heaters, etc. to help keep the cranes running during these extreme Alaska conditions.
  • Dangerous Ground Conditions: When the ground is frozen in Alaska there are days it will warm up, rain and refreeze, making the work surfaces even slicker. In other cases in spring or fall especially, the ground can be soft, muddy, and uneven. North Star Equipment Services needs to make certain the ground is level and compact prior to performing heavy lifts. In some instances, crane mats are used to improve ground stability.
  • Poor Visibility: Alaska’s climate can change dramatically depending upon your location in the state. High winds can be dangerous, if the winds remain steady at over 20 mph they can shut a project down. In the winter snow makes it challenging due to the associated poor visibility. In some parts of the state it’s dark for months at a time. North Star Equipment Services fleet of cranes are outfitted with cold climate packages and powerful lights on the boom to help mitigate these risks.

We have been working in the Alaska climate for over 65 years, providing crane rental services with some of the most highly skilled operators in the state. We’re helping build Alaska’s largest private and government projects safely and reliably.